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Sensus® Logic MDM Application Suite

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Turning Data into Knowledge

Fixed-based technology has given you unprecedented access to all types and quantities of data. To get the most out of this valuable information, you need a system that can efficiently organize, process and validate it. That solution is the Sensus® Logic Meter Data Management (MDM)™ Application Suite.

Logic’s unique functions process your data into useful details to help you make informed decisions. You can define reading and alarm parameters according to your requirements, and be assured that your data has been validated according to your critical needs.

The modular design offers you numerous benefits to many areas of your business. By providing key personnel access to Logic, you also empower your employees to make informed decisions to efficiently monitor and operate your utility.

Data can be viewed in standard reports in a web interface or exported to another application (i.e., Excel) for viewing, manipulation and analysis.  Automated notifications, delivered via email, alert your staff about events like leaks, reverse flow, zero usage, low battery, tampering and system health status so they can respond quickly and effectively.

During processing, Logic’s built-in validation capability compares your data against predefined utility parameters to assure it is precise. Validation is completed through a series of logically related tasks that assures the data is accurate, complete and relevant to your utility. Validation can be customized along multiple lines of categorization, including down to the individual meter level.

Logic also has a GIS-based mapping function that uses ESRI integration. It can display views of meters, transformers and collectors within your network, and filter these views based on different criteria by event, reported date and communication path.

Sensus Logic MDM is required to run the following:

  • Sensus® Logic Customer Portal
  • Sensus® Logic GIS CIS SCADA
  • Sensus® Logic Outage Management
  • Sensus® Logic Rules Editor (Automated Workflows)
  • Sensus® Logic Weather Data Interface

Benefits to you

  • Organizes, processes and validates data
  • Improves operation monitoring and efficiency
  • Display views of meters, transformers and collectors within your network
  • Delivers email notifications to key personnel to communicate system issues and status
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  • 100% browser-based with no browser plug-ins or other client software required
  • Preconfigured reporting functions (i.e., Mapping, Meter Status Reports, Meter Reads, Meter Events, Alarms, Meter Data Search, Data Validation Reports, etc.)
  • Data can be viewed in standard reports in a web interface or exported to another application (i.e., Excel)
  • GIS-based mapping function that uses ESRI integration

For more information about this product, download the data sheet.

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