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Transformer Utilization Application


Determine Potential Transformer Failure and Right-Sizing Opportunities

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Improperly sized transformers cost you money. With our Transformer Utilization application, you’ll quickly find savings opportunities. This application aggregates smart meter data to create a virtual meter for each transformer in your system. You can use analytical load calculations to help benchmark transformer performance, improve engineering design practices and develop planned maintenance schedules for undersized and oversized units.

This application is event based. You can set alerts to receive reports whenever overload conditions occur and search historical data for normal utilization. In addition to near real-time analysis, all calculated events are stored for historical analysis as well.

Delivered through a secure, cloud-based platform, Transformer Utilization is accessible on any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). The application can use data from a variety of systems to provide the information you need.

Transformer Utilization may be purchased à la carte or as part of a customized suite of applications.

Benefits to you

  • Identifies transformers at risk for failure
  • Spots anomalies and trends that are precursors to probable failure
  • Optimizes engineering design specs for new services based on new, more relevant data
  • Allows engineers to review historical data at time of failure, to determine the proper size for replacement
  • Allows you to group and segment transformers that are oversized, in order to replace them with the proper size

Benefits to your customers

  • Increases service reliability
  • Enhances confidence in utility performance
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  • Creates a virtual meter for each transformer
  • Instantly calculates load factor
  • Shows peak loading, average loading and time-weighted percentile loading
  • Stores actual and calculated events for comparative analysis
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