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Smart Cities
Smart Gas
Smart Grid
Smart Lighting
Smart Water

Let's build smart connections

What is a Smart Utility Network?

A smart utility network connects smart meters and other intelligent devices, the right communication network and advanced applications to deliver safer gas, more dependable power, more efficient public lighting and cleaner water.

A city or community can’t be smart if its essential services aren’t smart as well.

—Randolph Wheatley, Former Vice President, Xylem

Smart Cities

Connecting us all for the better.

Smart cities start with smart utilities. When a city becomes connected by smart water, grid, gas and lighting, it knows more and saves more. While it can be overlooked, smart infrastructure saves resources, enhances customer service and improves operational efficiency. Starting here with Sensus is just plain smart.

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Smart Gas

The power of what’s possible.

Smart gas is about connecting the gas utility with actionable data and insights to improve core business practices. Smart meters are just the start – when connected with communications technology and advanced apps – the result is next-level data intelligence that benefits the utility provider, the gas customer and the community.

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Smart Grid

Convert data to insight.

The power distribution system is becoming increasingly digital. Sensus has the devices, services and utility-grade communication network to deliver the right information— at the right time. Start building connections to ensure safe, efficient and reliable power to make your grid even smarter.

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Smart Lighting

Inviting community.

Smart lighting builds citizen confidence by increasing a sense of safety, lowering energy use and reducing maintenance costs. And the money saved frees up assets for cities and utilities to invest in other public needs and goods. Making smart visible, smart lighting brings citizens together, shedding light on what it means to be a connected community.

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Smart Water

The future of water is now.

Seize the opportunities to optimize service, protect assets and maximize revenues. Smart water solutions bring digital intelligence from across the water cycle to your utility, preparing you for the technology of tomorrow. Through smart devices, analytics and a utility-grade smart utility network, Sensus builds the connections that help solve water.

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