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Non-Revenue Water

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Lost Water is Lost Money.
Improve Your Water Management.


Check out this infographic that highlights solutions for improving water sustainability and reducing non-revenue water loss.

We know you’re focused on preventing non-revenue water (NRW) loss and closing the gap between the volume of water you produce and the water you bill your customers each month. Non-revenue water loss can quickly add up. In fact, NRW can amount to between 20 percent and 30 percent of the total water distributed in North America.

The sources of non-revenue water loss include:

  • Leaks
  • Theft & tampering
  • Unbilled consumption & meter inaccuracy
  • Unmetered consumption

We all agree it’s no longer acceptable to lose billions of gallons of water each year from non-revenue water because it can have a serious impact on your operational expenses. We work with thousands of utilities just like you to identify the source of the lost non-revenue water and also provide a solution to fix the problem.

Our solution


Watch the recording of our “Managing Water Loss Together – Three Utilities Share Strategies and Lessons Learned” webinar. (Applicable only to North America.)

The first step in detecting leaks and water loss is ensuring accurate meter readings. From water leaks to unmetered water and inaccurate billing, we offer a range of metering, measurement, communications and analytics solutions to improve the health and accuracy of your water system.

  • iPERL® water meters: Capture previously unmeasured low flow water, with unprecedented accuracy. This smart water meter can help you pinpoint lost water and  drive additional revenue.
  • OMNI™ commercial/industrial water meters: Record unprecedented low flows and expanded max flow rates through a single chamber. OMNI uses patented floating ball technology (FBT) which gives you an unmatched accuracy—capturing flow levels not previously recorded.

iPERL and OMNI meters integrate seamlessly with the FlexNet® SmartPoint® modules, and offer a wide range of remote system management options through the Sensus FlexNet two-way communication network. SmartPoint modules let you automate remote water meter reading and monitor distribution lines for leaks.

  • FlexNet® communication network: Our long-range radio network provides a scalable and reliable two-way communication infrastructure that enables smart cities. Working with smart meters and sensors, the FlexNet system securely transmits and receives customer usage data that lets you proactively manage the distribution and use of your water system.
  • SmartPoint® transceivers: With versions designed for both submersible and non-submersible environments, SmartPoint modules record hourly reading data which you can review either on site or through the FlexNet network. This data can not only show an active leak or loss, but also show the time and dates the events occurred. SmartPoint modules operate in walk-by, drive-by or fixed-base mode to give you even more flexibility.
  • Sensus® Smart Gateway sensor interface:  The battery-powered device maximizes your investment in the FlexNet network by sending data without the need to “plug” into electrical power. Remotely monitor pressures, temperatures, levels and switches. You can also analyze pressure data to identify potential leaks and other conditions in your system.
  • Permalog+ acoustic monitoring sensors: Monitor distribution lines and help localize leaks. Using sound waves to detect flow, these sensors activate overnight, listening to the distribution system when ambient noise is at its lowest. They then report flow conditions back via the SmartPoint. You can analyze the data to determine if a leak condition exists. Then service crews can quickly investigate and make repairs before they become costly problems.

How much revenue is theft costing your utility each year?

Within North America, an estimated eight percent of non-revenue water is the result of theft. That can put a significant strain on both you and your community’s resources.

Sensus® Logic Meter Data Management™ (MDM) makes it possible to take data from the Sensus FlexNet communication network and transform it into actionable information. Sensus Logic MDM can even help you monitor vacant properties and deliver alerts about possible theft.

Sensus also offers Essential Water Analytics, a powerful set of applications that deliver data from your AMR or AMI system, giving you the information needed to quickly respond to system issues.

Benefits to you

  • Alerts utilities via alarms to potential acts of theft via Sensus software
  • Reduces lost revenue from theft and negative impact on available resources
  • Lets you remotely adjust and tune your distribution system…giving you much more control
  • Detects system leaks and improves performance
  • Improves operational efficiency and customer service
  • Enables and bolsters regulatory compliance
  • Prevents removal and tampering attempts to obtain free water

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