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SentryPoint Cathodic Protection

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Corrosion never stops.

So how much does a once-a-year test point reading tell you about the health of your steel pipelines?


Our SentryPoint cathodic protection end point fits inside existing test point line markers.

You have hundreds—maybe thousands—of corrosion test points and rectifiers throughout your system. And the team that maintains your pipeline integrity spends half of their time just collecting data to find the next breach. That leaves only 50% of their time to fix what they find. You’re fighting a 24/7 battle against Mother Nature for four hours a day.

With our cathodic protection solution, corrosion has no place to hide.

SentryPoint automates the collection of data from test points and rectifiers throughout your system. Plus built-in alarms alert you to breaches coverage, power failures and more within an hour of the occurrence. So you know what’s happening, when and where.

Powered by the FlexNet® communications network, our battery-powered endpoints deliver hourly readings from the most remote locations. With two-way communication directly to the test point and rectifier, our solution supports all PHMSA Instant-Off tests. That means your corrosion team can do a day’s worth of work in less than five minutes. Leaving them more time to fix problems than attempting to find them.

If you’re ready to take charge of your corrosion-monitoring program, send us an email to schedule a live demo.

Benefits to you

  • Works on both galvanic and impressed-current systems
  • Hourly test point readings, alarms within one hour of occurrence
  • No new hardware – monitors existing test points and rectifiers
  • Improves operational efficiency
    • Supports safety initiatives: eliminates employee exposure to electrical shock at rectifiers
    • Saves time: corrosion specialists focus on maintenance, not data collection
    • Supports PHMA Instant-Off tests: performs a day’s worth of work in under five minutes – avoids power cycling of your cathodic protection system
    • Reduces costs for vehicles and employee travel time

Benefits to your customer

  • Keeps rates lower


Test Points

  • Battery powered
  • Fits inside existing test point line markers


  • Hourly Readings

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