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Cathodic Protection

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Corrosion never stops. So why rely on periodic cathodic protection readings?

Your gas distribution pipelines are among your most valuable assets. But with traditional methods, you only get a glimpse into the corrosive condition of those assets a few times (or even once) per year. You’re fighting a 24/7 battle against Mother Nature—when you can get to it.

SentryPoint provides an around-the-clock solution to remotely monitor corrosion. It automates the collection of data from test points and rectifiers throughout your system. Plus built-in alarms alert you to breaches in coverage, power failures and more within an hour of the occurrence. So you know what’s happening, when and where.

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Stay a step ahead of regulators and see how remote corrosion monitoring works.

Powered by the FlexNet® communication network, our battery-powered endpoints deliver hourly readings from the most remote locations. With two-way communication directly to the test point and rectifier, our solution supports all PHMSA Instant-Off tests. That means your corrosion field teams can do a day’s worth of work in less than five minutes. Leaving them more time to fix problems than attempting to find them.

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Benefits to you

  • Works on both galvanic and impressed-current systems
  • Hourly test point readings, alarms within one hour of occurrence
  • No new hardware: monitors existing test points and rectifiers
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Supports safety initiatives: eliminates employee exposure to electrical shock at rectifiers
  • Saves time: corrosion specialists focus on maintenance, not data collection
  • Supports PHMA Instant-Off tests: avoids power cycling of your cathodic protection system
  • Reduces costs for vehicles and employee travel time


Benefits to your customer

  • Keeps rates lower
  • Supports safety initiatives: proactive monitoring identifies potential threats to the community

Our SentryPoint cathodic protection end point fits inside existing test point line markers.

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