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Pressure Regulation

Feeling the Pressure?

You have a lot to manage and protect. Your systems. Your customers. Your employees. Your revenue. Precise pressure management can help you do that at every point in your gas or water distribution system.

Our solution for gas

When it comes to gas, safety and reliability are the most critical concerns for you and your community. It’s imperative that you maintain precise pressure management. And even more crucial that you are able to make prompt decisions about the system when the need arises.

Sensus regulators set the industry standard for performance and reliability. We offer a variety of body sizes, loading springs and orifice sizes for most distribution applications, whether domestic, commercial or industrial.

Our battery-powered Sensus® Smart Gateway sensor interface lets you measure pressure even in locations where no power or land-based communications are available. This gives you access to timely data in even the most difficult to reach places.

Our solution for water

Remotely monitor and measure pressure levels and set alarms with our innovative Smart Gateway interface. This cost-effective solution is designed to help you quickly retrieve data about water pressure and leaks so you can resolve system issues faster. You can also analyze this accumulated data to develop new insights into your operations.

Sensus® Smart Gateway for water and gas

By leveraging the FlexNet® communication network, user-interface applications like the Sensus Smart Gateway let you remotely monitor and control pressures, temperatures, levels and switches. You can also transmit alarms to your systems for faster resolution.

Benefits to you

  • Improves employee, customer and public safety throughout your distribution network
  • Captures more revenue by identifying leaks and potential losses
  • Provides near real-time data, alarms and other information to better manage your system
  • Proactively addresses system problems, often before customers are even aware
  • Enables and improves regulatory compliance

Benefits to your customers

  • Improves service reliability
  • Enhances service safety
  • Reduces leak billing adjustments to customers
  • Ensures more error-free meter readings
  • Enhances trust in service

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