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VantagePoint® Lighting Control Module


See Your Infrastructure in a New Light

The VantagePoint® Lighting Control Module delivers increased public safety and efficiency by giving you real-time access and control to streetlights. And it works for LED and legacy lights so you can update at your own pace.

The lighting control module saves you money over standard photocell switches. By enabling you to set on/off times, your outdoor lighting will consume half the energy of a standard high-pressure sodium (HPS) light, and up to 25 percent less than an LED light. In addition, the module delivers alerts when it senses a problem—saving you approximately 50-75 percent in system maintenance cost.

The module mounts directly to the light fixture via the standard NEMA photocell socket. Using VantagePoint Lighting Software, it provides a full range of control options, including:

  • programming of light levels for individual streetlights
  • immediate flash and turnoff
  • alarm reporting
  • performance data

Newer LED lighting offers a host of additional options, including dimming, brightening and more.

Benefits to you

  • Provides energy and maintenance savings
  • Increases public safety
  • Enhances economic development
  • Controls legacy and LED fixtures with one module
  • Deploys with auto-install module capability
  • Projects flexibility for legacy-to-LED conversions
  • Provides fixture and lighting control by public safety officials
  • Provides encryption for secure access and control of the system
  • Uses one network for multiple smart grid applications
  • Supports smart city integration
Features & Documents


  • ANSI C12.20 1.0 Class metrology certification with pulse-out infrared meter calibration interface
  • Dispatched alarm notices with sorting, history and GIS capture
  • Self-discovery of fixture capabilities and type
  • On-board GPS and self-commission
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) in a secure cloud-based environment
  • Multiple user roles with access-based permissions
  • Temporary override by fixture or group in response to dynamic events
  • AES 256 encryption schemes with secure, licensed RF spectrum
  • Supports Sensus electric, water and gas applications
  • FlexNet® communication network upgradable to support third-party sensors
  • Leverages ANSI C136.41 NEMA socket interface


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