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No matter what your requirements are, we have a range of smart infrastructure solutions ready to help you better manage your assets and collect more accurate, timely data. There’s an answer to your challenge. Let’s find it here.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Drive more infrastructure advancements with reliable, scalable, multi‐application AMI.

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Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Increase accuracy and control with advanced walk-by and drive-by solutions.

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Cathodic Protection

Reduce corrosion protection costs for test points and rectifiers on gas pipelines.

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Data Analytics

Collect smart data to understand, track and improve system performance.

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Demand Response (DR)

Control usage during peak load times and deliver more affordable energy.

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Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Create a grid that is more connected, more visible and more easily controlled

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Distribution Automation (DA)

Manage, monitor and control your grid assets no matter where they are.

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Empowering Resilience

Building smart connections that empower and equip our customers with resilientcy through life’s interruptions, both big and small. Aging infrastructure. Natural disasters. Climate change. Utilities need systems in place to predict and plan for such emergencies and adapt to the ever-changing demands of daily operations. We help customers do just that.

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Leak Management

Advanced technologies that help you detect and repair leaks faster.

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Non-Revenue Water

Pinpoint and prevent lost water with more accurate measurement and data transmission.

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Power Line Carrier (PLC) Migration

Easily transition away from legacy power line carrier networks

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Pressure Regulation

Ensure safety and reliability with a precise pressure management solution.

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