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OMNI+ Fireline® (F²) Water Meter


When you’re faced with limited vault space, the OMNI™+ F² meter is ideal. We designed this meter to make maintenance easier on both fire protection and commercial water lines. The OMNI+ F² meter is certified, so you can be confident functionality will be there when you need it most.

The measurement principles of the F² meter assure enhanced accuracy ranges and a longer service life than any other comparable meter. It has no restrictions as to sustained flow rates within its continuous operating range.

The F² Fireline Bypass Retrofit meter can easily replace Sensus legacy W-Series compact and standard Fireline bypass meter assemblies.

OMNI+ meters are the most technologically advanced, large commercial water meters on the market. They provide longer service life than any other comparable meter.

All of our OMNI+ meters use floating ball technology (FBT). This is key to its optimal measurement performance. FBT uses an impeller with a ball design. The impeller is weightless in the water line. This feature enables the impeller to begin moving with very little water flow or force through the meter. As a result, OMNI+ meters have an extended flow range with greater low-flow sensitivity. They also have the ability to capture extended high-flow rates, all with virtually no wear on the meter.

Benefits to You

  • Fits in applications with limited vault space
  • Ensures quality
  • Captures more water revenue
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improves customer service
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  • Meets and exceeds AWWA Standard C703 class II
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex F and G approved
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and Factory Mutual (FM) approved
  • Patented measurement principles yielding enhanced accuracy and a longer service life than any other comparable class meter
  • Superior construction of the main case and measuring chamber for longer life
  • One moving part allows the measuring element to operate virtually without friction or wear and extends upper and lower flow ranges capable on only the OMNI+ F² meter
  • Reduced head loss
  • 180 days of data logging
  • Integral test port
  • Electronic register with no mechanical gearing
  • Configurable LCD display
    • Reads available in 9 digits
  • Resettable totalizer for testing
  • Alarms
    • Low battery alarm
    • Smart mode alarms
      • Continuous Usage
      • High Flow
      • Reverse Flow
  • Fully magnetic pickup system for meter registration
  • Sensus V-shaped, UL listed, FM approved strainer
  • Vertical and horizontal installations
  • Flanged design
  • Compatible with Sensus AMI and AMR systems
  • 10-year battery warranty
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) for dead battery readings


  • Sizes:
    • 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” OMNI+ F² meter
  • Operating Temperature:
    • Range of 33 oF (56o C) to 150o F (65.6 oC)
  • Operating Range:
    • 4”: 1.5 – 1000 GPM (0.34 – 227 m3/hr)
    • 6”: 3 – 2000 GPM (0.34 – 227 m3/hr)
    • 8”: 4 – 3500 GPM (0.91 – 795 m3/hr)
    • 10”: 5 – 5500 GPM (1.1 – 1249 m3/hr)
  • Low Flow:
    • 4”: .75 GPM (0.06 m3/hr)
    • 6”: 1.5 GPM (0.06 m3/hr)
    • 8”: 2.5 GPM (0.57 m3/hr)
    • 10”: 3.5 GPM (0.8 m3/hr)

For additional specifications, including dimensions and net weights, download the data sheet:



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