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TouchRead® 6590 AutoGun Reading Device


The TouchRead® Model AG6590 AutoGun is a multifunction, versatile meter reading device designed to reach hard to read meters. The AutoGun provides on-site electronic meter interrogation from TouchRead® System equipped meters. It can be used as a standalone reading device or can be connected to a Sensus handheld device (FL6500, AR5500) or Trimble Nomad for reading Sensus and other register encoders. The AutoGun can also pull iPERL® interval data when connected to handheld devices.

Design & Construction
The AutoGun’s ergonomic design provides a well-balanced, easy to handle unit. The AutoGun is housed in a weather resistant molded case. Surface mounted circuitry in the specially designed watertight case allows the AutoGun to be used in rugged field conditions over a wide range of temperatures.

The AutoGun uses a Bluetooth® link to communicate to handheld devices. This link transfers meter readings to the device without the use of awkward cables. A communications port is present in the event that Bluetooth communication is interrupted.

The AutoGun display is a graphical Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that displays readings, identification numbers, and error messages. For ease of viewing, the contrast value of the LCD automatically adjusts based on the ambient temperature. A battery icon allows the user to see how much battery life remains. The AutoGun is menu driven, enabling it to be configured for individual use. The menu setup allows the user to select communications meter type and reading type.

PitProbe Extension
The AutoGun has a PitProbe extension accessory that allows the user to read meters in underground pits and vaults while avoiding back or leg strain.

Benefits to you

  • Improves meter reading accuracy
  • Automates meter reading process
  • Enables wire-free meter reading
  • Minimizes your exposure to hazardous or challenging environments
  • Retrieves iPERL interval data
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  • Ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth® enabled for connectivity with hand-held devices
  • LCD Display
  • Menu driven
  • Rugged outer case


The AutoGun can be used as a standalone unit to read and store up to 99 electronic readings, or as a mated device that interrogates, encodes and sends data to a handheld device which collects and stores it in memory.

Physical Characteristics
Ergonomically molded gray case with slip-resistant grip.

9.9″ (254mm) L x 2.9″ (73.66m) H x 4.6″ (116.84mm) W

AutoGun = 0.85 lb. (386 grams)
PitProbe Extension = 0.50 lb. (227 grams)

4 lines x 16 character graphical LCD display

Power Supply
Rechargeable NiCad battery

Tested to withstand being dropped on any surface from a four foot height without damage.

Reading Compatibility
Able to read Sensus Encoders and Neptune Proread (ARB VI) encoders. Contact Sensus for additional reading options.

AR550X, FL650X or Wall Mount Unit

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