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Leak Management

Reduce Water Leaks in the Distribution System. Help Customers Optimize Water Usage.

Utilities lose $9.6 billion each year from leaked water alone. Improved system leaks and pressure management can reduce leaks by five percent and pipe bursts by 10 percent, saving utilities up to $4.6 billion a year.

U.S. homeowners lose 1.25 trillion gallons of water each year due to failure to detect or repair leaks. In a single home, leaks can account for an average of 10,000 gallons wasted each year—enough to fill a backyard swimming pool.

Our solution

With a focus on monitoring, pressure management and leak detection technologies, we offer advanced, intelligent solutions to help you conserve water and prevent leaks.

For your water distribution network, our integrated leak management solution and associated products enable you to remotely and continuously monitor and diagnose leaks. Permalog+ acoustic sensors use sound waves to monitor distribution lines and localize leaks. Sensors activate overnight, listening to the distribution system when ambient noise is at its lowest, then report pipeline conditions back to the utility via the FlexNet® communication network. Using this data, you can more effectively prioritize and manage maintenance and optimize water pressure and leaks in your network.

Smart meters work with Sensus SmartPoint® modules to help you manage your water system. We attach them our meters to enable two-way communication. SmartPoint modules provide hourly readings as opposed to the traditional monthly meter reading. These reading volumes give you more insight into your customers’ usage patterns. The SmartPoint modules also detect tampering, leaks, reverse flow and other abnormalities.

Here are some of the leak management solutions we offer:

  • Permalog+ acoustic monitoring sensors: Monitor distribution lines and locate leaks using sound waves. Sensors activate overnight and report pipeline conditions back via the  FlexNet communication network.
  • iPERL® water meters: Measure a wider range of high and low flows and greatly enhance reading accuracy.
  • OMNI™ water meters: Features low flow detection and greater overall accuracy than any other commercial water meters on the market, enabling you to improve customer service and increase revenue at the same time.
  • SmartPoint® modules: Battery-powered devices affixed to the meter to protect your system from potential leaks and theft using programmable alarms.
  • Sensus® Smart Gateway sensor interface: Designed for remote locations with no power source, this interface lets utilities remotely monitor pressures, temperatures and levels.
  • Sensus software: Identify continuous water usage over specified periods of time. Our solution can identify smaller, continuous leaks as well as large leaks that can damage property if the homeowner is not alerted in time.



Leak Management features and capabilities

  • Remote leak and violation detection
  • Pinpoints leak locations via Permalog+ acoustic detection
  • Sophisticated suite of alarms to better monitor and control water leaks
  • Composite, zero-lead, compliant Sensus iPERL meters
  • Intelligent, efficient, standards-compliant water management
  • Ability to view customer usage hourly
  • Collected data includes consumption, diagnostic and status measurements
  • Replaces aging, leak-prone systems with new technology

Benefits to you

  • Dramatically improves leak management
  • Provides more consistent pressure management
  • Minimizes financial losses from leaks
  • Improves customer water management
  • Reduces billing issues for better customer satisfaction
  • Lowers cost of labor, equipment and transportation
  • Minimizes potential liability costs by reducing the chance of sinkholes and washouts
  • Enables effective water conservation initiatives
  • Enables and bolsters regulatory compliance

Benefits to your customers

  • Reduces leak billing adjustments to customers
  • Ensures more error-free meter readings
  • Enhances trust in service

Benefits to the public

  • Conserves local and regional water
  • Detects violations during conservation and rationing initiatives
  • Increases public confidence in the utility

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