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Stratus IQ+ Electricity Meter


Taking the Grid to Next-level Smart

Building upon the best-in-class Stratus® metering platform, the Stratus IQ+ combines grid edge intelligence with precise energy measurement into one powerful package. This meter provides utilities with the data visibility and control needed to quickly adapt to a rapidly evolving smart grid.
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Application Support

Support for customers or 3rd party developed applications further enhancing Edge computing capability.

Expansion Card Slot

The expansion card slot enables added capability now or in the future, including alternate communication choices, a second application processor or a combination of these options.

Software-defined metrology and radio

With the ability to make metrology adjustments over-the-air, utilities are prepared for whatever the future holds.

C&I power in a residential meter

Four-quadrant metering is just the beginning. By simultaneously measuring real, apparent and reactive energy, the Stratus IQ+ gives utilities the competitive knowledge necessary to be more efficient in the generation and distribution of power.

Data is the name of the game

The Stratus IQ+ has 32 channels of load profile data in four data sets along with line-side and load-side voltage reporting. This insight gives utilities the concrete information needed to make data-driven decisions. No other meter on the market provides this type of system visibility.

Benefits to you

The Stratus IQ+ has “software defined metrology” with features that help utilities improve operations in three areas; efficiency (power management & operations), cost savings, and safety. Stratus IQ+ offers the ability to gather data in near-real time. With its dramatic increase in horsepower and expanded data set options, utilities will be able to pull more diagnostics and therefore get a more robust picture of their distribution system and customer usage. Due to the rugged design, the meter will be less susceptible to theft/tampering and weather damage. Therefore, less maintenance and fewer replacements will be necessary. This device is future proof with expansive memory, speed and the expansion slot will allow for multiple applications and features that haven’t been created yet.

Features & Documents
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  • Edge Computing
  • Application Support
  • Expansion Card slot for expandability
  • EV Detection
  • Six energies and six demands
  • Four quadrant metering
  • By-phase energy reporting (12S/25S)
  • Thirty-two load profile channels in four data sets
  • Theft, tilt, and tamper detection
  • Arc and loss of neutral detection
  • Sag and swell logging
  • Harmonics reporting (THD & TDD)
  • Enhanced outage recording
  • Persistent real-time clock maintains time for greater than 24 hours following outage
  • Optional optical port


  • kWh, kVAh, kVARh energy measurements
  • Demand and load profile with load limiting (current or demand)
  • AES 256-bit encryption security
  • C12.19 utility industry end device ANSI Tables
  • Full net metering and primary metering
  • 20-year Time-of-Use calendar
  • Patented temperature detection
  • Best-in-class power outage and restoration notification
  • Voltage measurement and configurable alarm reporting
  • Remote radio and metrology firmware download
  • 1 Wh internal and display resolution
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