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Data Analytics

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Be a Visionary. Gain Insight and Foresight. Boost Net Efficiency and Value with Analytics.

With Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), SCADA and other systems, utilities are receiving thousands of times the data compared to just a few years ago. Right now, data is likely flooding your business in massive bursts. No doubt, collecting it all quickly and effectively is a top priority. Equally important is what you learn from that data. Analyzing all available information is the best way to optimize your systems and make the most of your investment. What’s more, finding the right insights into your operation can help improve everything from efficiency to customer service.

Our solutions

Increase the business value of all your Sensus solutions with our suite of data analytics. It’s a smart way to strategically predict your business performance. And we offer many options—from onsite integrated solutions to fast, flexible cloud-based products. Data analytics efficiently stores and validates information you collect from smart meters, SCADA systems, customer billing software and news services. You can even choose which applications matter most to you. Sensus can help you select the utility analytics solution that fits your business needs and integrate it into your daily operations.


Benefits to you

  • Enables deeper, more accurate insight into operations
  • Predicts conditions intelligently
  • Improves decision making quality and speed
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Reduces IT and operational costs
  • Speeds time to market for new software

Benefits to your customers

  • Increases service reliability
  • Provides more and better information
  • Fosters trust in service

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