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Smart Grid

The smart grid is not some distant dream

Every day, you’re living the reality of an increasingly digital distribution system. You need real-time information from smart meters, sensors and other devices — plus the analytics to make sense of it all. You are clear on the vision, but worry about how to pull it off with aging infrastructure. Rest easy. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re deep into your journey, we scale to meet your needs.

Solutions for every stage of your journey


Build a smarter infrastructure with intelligent devices.


Connect insights to action with
real-time data.

Do More

Do more with advanced applications and services tailored to your needs.

Start Smart

From the most remote customers to the densest populations, the FlexNet® communication network provides a high-powered, private system that covers everyone, with less infrastructure required. And with advanced smart meters, such as the Stratus IQ™, intelligent decisions can be made at the grid edge.

Integrate With Reliable Data

Stay a step ahead by putting data to work. Gain insight and foresight with Sensus Analytics. We offer a suite of flexible applications that allow you to accurately monitor, measure and predict your business performance. From advanced billing insights—to optimizing transformer assets—Sensus Analytics is the brain behind your smart grid.

Advance Your Operations

It’s time to go beyond billing. Harness the power of Distribution Automation and remotely monitor and control grid assets such as voltage regulators’ automated feeder switches, reclosers and capacitor banks. Take advantage of grid edge capabilities such as conservation voltage reduction, phase detection, and much more.

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