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SmartPoint® 510M Non-Pit Set Module

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Our SmartPoint® 510M non-pit set module is a radio transceiver that gives you RF inbound and outbound access to water measurements and ancillary device diagnostics. It’s designed for non-submersible/non-pit (surface-mount) installations. With two-way communication ability, it serves as a walk-by or drive-by end point, a fixed-base end point or any combination of those. This versatility gives you highly flexible data collection options and simplifies both current operations and network evolution.

The 510M collects data from the meter register and transmits it to the collection device. In walk-by/drive-by mode, the transceiver collects data and waits for an activation signal from the Vehicle Gateway base station (VGB) or hand-held device (HHD). When it receives a signal, it transmits the readings, the meter identification number and any alarms. As a fixed-base end point, the 510M interacts with strategically placed base stations in the service area. Migrate from walk-by/drive-by to fixed base by simply adding a base station.

Benefits to you

  • Delivers a fast, efficient, reliable connection at minimal cost
  • Minimizes new infrastructure investment
  • Enables effective leak detection
  • Offers highly flexible data collection options, including walk-by/drive-by and fixed base
  • Simplifies installation, updates, operations and network evolution
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  • Wall-mounted installation
  • Industry-leading two watts broadcast power
  • Patented TouchCoupler interfaces with encoded meters via existing two-wire installations
  • Connect multiple registers and ancillary devices (such as acoustic monitoring) to a single SmartPoint
  • Hourly readings monitor continuous flow, alert to leak conditions
  • Extracts usage profiles to inform customers and resolve disputes
  • Easy updates to transceiver
  • Easy migration to fixed base by simply installing a base station


  • Wall-mounted installation for non-pit set, non-submersible environments; meter interfaces to the FlexNet® communication network
  • Dimensions: 5 9/16” W x 5 1/2” H x 3” D
  • Weight: 1.13 lbs.
  • Operating temperature: -22° F to +185° F (-30° C to +85° C)
  • Dual- or single-port options
  • Compatible with a range of Sensus and non-Sensus encoded metering systems (via TouchCoupler, wired or Nicor)
  • 2 watts broadcast power
  • Frequency range: 900-950 MHz
  • 8000 channels, in 6.25 kHz steps
  • Proprietary narrow band modulation
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Lithium thionyl chloride batteries with hybrid layer capacitor
  • 20-year warranty
  • FCC CFR 47: Part 24D, Part 101C, Part 15 licensed operation
  • Industry Canada (IC) RSS-134, RSS-119

For more information about this product, download the data sheet.

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