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Honeywell A3 ALPHA® Electricity Meter

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The Data You Need

We have partnered with Honeywell to offer the A3 ALPHA® electricity meter for commercial and industrial applications. It is integrated with the Sensus FlexNet® communication network. The A3 ALPHA meter is supplied with an internal SmartPoint® module that supports two-way communications capability.

The SmartPoint module mounts under the cover of the A3 ALPHA meter, making network deployment as simple as installing a meter. No special equipment is necessary because the SmartPoint module automatically establishes the communication path to the Sensus base station. The SmartPoint module retrieves the data directly from the A3 ALPHA tables and transmits it over the FlexNet communication network.

With features like the Enhanced Supervisory Message (ESM), the A3 ALPHA meter can collect four channels of load-profile information (for example, kWh or kVARh) and up to six configurable snapshot registers for even more information.

Benefits to you

  • Supports two-way communication using FlexNet technology
  • Delivers more data
  • Installs and connects easily
Features & Documents
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  • kWh, kVARh and kVAh bi-directional energy
  • Demand
  • Time of Use (ToU)
  • Power factor
  • Instrumentation values (such as per phase voltage)
  • 4 channels load profile
  • 6 snapshot registers


  • Form 1S, Class 200
  • Form 2S, Class 200 and Form 2SE, Class 3201
  • Form 3S
  • Form 4S
  • Form 9S
  • Form 12S, Class 200 and Class 3201
  • Form 16S, Class 200 and Class 3201
  • Form 35S
  • Form 36S
  • Form 46S
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