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Vehicle Gateway Base Station (VGB)


Our Vehicle Gateway base station (VGB) acquires data from field-based instruments such as utility meters and other diagnostic instruments. The VGB is a compact and portable radio device, so it can be used in any vehicle equipped with a 12-volt DC power outlet.

The VGB can read any device equipped with FlexNet® communication network drive-by technology. It is controlled with AutoVu®, our software program specially designed for operating our drive-by meter reading equipment. Simply load the desired reading route into your laptop computer and drive along the prescribed route.

Data is collected as your vehicle travels in proximity of meters and other instruments on the route. You can also manually enter information such as route notes. And easily edit route configurations when necessary. A simple plug-and-play interface allows you to transfer the collected data directly into your billing system.

Benefits to you

  • Provides easy setup and data collection in the field
  • Reads meters efficiently
  • Provides easy migration path to fixed-base platform
  • Uses plug-and-play interface
  • Lets you quickly transfer data into your billing system
  • Features FlexNet communication network point-to-multipoint reliability
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  • AutoVu user-friendly software allows changes to route information and uploads to your billing system
  • Portability via a metal case includes a laptop, cables and magnetic mounting antenna, turning your vehicle into a meter-reading machine
  • Compatibility with FlexNet communication network drive-by technology, enabling migration path to the latest FlexNet and positions you for a fixed-base solution in the future
  • System reliability in FCC-protected frequencies, tamper resistance, leak detection and battery alarms


  • Length 18.5” x Width 11.25” x Height 4.5”
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Power: 12-volt DC adapter through VGB (with battery backup, computer only) 7 watts
  • Frequency range of 900 – 950 MHz
  • Receiver sensitivity, -119 dBm
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Licensed Operation US: FCC CFR 47, Part 24D, Part 101C, Part 15 and Canada: Industry Canada (IC) RSS-134, RSS-210
  • Software: AutoVu (3.0 or higher)

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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