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Stratus® Electricity Meter


Meet the new standard in smart electricity meters

Click through this animated infographic to learn about the incomparable advanced testing Stratus undergoes.

It takes a vast amount of data and speed to maintain safe, accurate and reliable management of a smart grid. That’s what Stratus meters deliver. Available in form 2S Remote Disconnect, Stratus is one of only two residential smart electricity meter families with the UL 2735 certification.

Stratus meters increase energy efficiency and enhance safety standards with industry-leading sensors for high temperature detection. They also help you manage your operations with opt-in and conservation voltage reduction capability. And when outages do arise, they can restore service faster.


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By combining Stratus meters with two-way communications on the Sensus FlexNet® communication network, you can instantly configure, upgrade and customize the meters’ electricity management platform. Use them to capture and analyze more data at fewer access points for optimal operational efficiency.

Benefits to you

  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Enhances safety standards
  • Restores service faster following an outage
  • Provides opt-out capabilities for utility customers
  • Delivers increased billing and usage accuracy
  • Enables IoT

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  • 7 ToU tiers; 8 seasons, 24 holidays, CPP
  • 6 energies, 2 demands
  • Demand resettable on demand or schedulable
  • 4 channels load profile and up to 15 configurable snapshots
  • Conservation voltage reduction
  • Asymmetric or 256-bit AES encryption
  • Industry-leading sensors for high temperature identification protection
  • ZigBee certified with public key infrastructure (PKI) authentication


  • UL 2735 and UL 61010-1
  • Opt-out
  • kWh, kVAh, kVARh
  • All applicable ANSI Tables supported
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