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M400B2 FlexNet® Base Station


M400B2 FlexNet® base stations offer a strategic communications option to deploy endpoints in remote or densely populated areas. Their efficient transceivers can transmit and receive in a 200 kHz band of spectrum which provides more dedicated data channels, more granular data and higher network capacity.

These compact, efficient base stations fit into space-constrained environments. They require fewer access points than other network architectures, making it easier to send status and usage information point-to-multipoint. Sensus licensed radio spectrum ensures optimal base station performance, free from interference by other wireless services or radio devices. It also eliminates the risk of being taken over by emergency service providers.

Our FlexNet® communication network connects base stations directly to endpoints across large geographic areas. This, greatly reduces the number of network backhaul connections and lowers operations and maintenance costs. The FlexNet network delivers double the transmit power of competitive systems over primary-use licensed spectrum – ensuring reliability for mission-critical applications.

M400B2 base station models are available for a variety of our solutions, including:

Benefits to you

  • Delivers optimal base station performance over licensed primary-use radio spectrum
  • Reduces operations and maintenance costs via fewer access points and backhaul connections
  • 200 kHz enables more dedicated channels. This results in higher network capacity, allowing more granular data and more data channels.
  • Delivers double the transmit power of competitive systems over primary-use licensed spectrum – ensuring reliability for mission critical applications.
  • Provides real-time data during outages and emergencies via resilient network design. It does not rely on power from infrastructure.
  • Enables strategic deployments via small footprint requirements.
  • Provides certified infrastructure security against cyber threats (GE/Wurldtech™ Achilles® communications security certification).
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  • 200 kHz band of spectrum
  • Real-time data continues during outages and emergencies
  • GPS receiver for time synchronization
  • Duplexer for single antenna transmit/receive
  • Low noise amplifier (LNA)
  • IP-addressable power supply
  • Battery charger
  • 8-hour battery backup
  • Alarms and reporting capability
  • Backhaul via Ethernet/IP


  • Spectrum is licensed 900 MHz PCS/MAS
  • One transceiver, single transmit, with duplexing
  • Eight simultaneous/dedicated receive channels
  • Transmit and receive in a 200 kHz band of spectrum
  • Compatibility with SNMP
  • Applications include: two-way advanced meter infrastructure, distribution automation, demand response, home automation networks and lighting control

For more information about this product, download the data sheet.

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