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Outage Management

Reduce Service Outages and Create a More Resilient Grid

FlexNet Versus Mesh: Reliability

Get the facts. See how quickly FlexNet pinpoints outages for faster recovery than mesh.

From operations to reputation, the costs due to outages are high. You need a system that:

  • Regularly monitors key points in the distribution system
  • Stores historical data and makes it available during outages
  • Alerts the utility to system-wide issues
  • Provides accurate information on the extent of outages
  • Prioritizes restoration efforts and manages resources automatically, allowing utility employees to focus on restoring service
  • Initiates communications and updates to all concerned parties

Our solution


Download our Outage Management solution brief for electric utilities.

Our outage management solution integrates the FlexNet® communication network with your hosted or owner-managed outage management system’s capabilities. It uses real-time and historical customer data to alert you to any system-wide issue, even before a customer report is made.

This frees your management and maintenance staff to focus on the most important task—getting power back to customers. It also eliminates capital investments such as IT resources, extra office space or specialized resources.

Features and capabilities

  • Uses historical data to find damage points, likely failures and causes
  • Economical system that’s easy to deploy and manage
  • More complete view of distribution system status at the feeder level
  • Automated alarm reports with more accurate data
  • Network tracing functions identifies customers without service, when they were first out and when they were restored
  • Predicts location of fuse or breaker associated with a failure
  • Provides estimates of restoration times
  • Determines crews required for restoration
  • Manages restoration crews

Benefits to you

  • Reduces outage time, restores service faster using outage location predictions
  • Maintains a positive perception by providing accurate outage and restoration information
  • Enables and increases regulatory compliance
  • Reduces complaints to regulators due to ability to prioritize restoration of emergency facilities and other critical customers
  • Reduces outage frequency due to outage statistics that help you target reliability improvements
  • Expedites restoration via integration with SCADA systems, which automatically reports circuit breaker status
  • Offers accurate reporting of outage statistics, via network tracing
  • Prioritizes improvement programs by understanding common modes of failure

Benefits to your customer

  • Reduces outage duration
  • Increases awareness of restoration progress and time estimates
  • Reduces outage frequency due to use of outage statistics to make reliability improvements
  • Increases customer safety via less service interruption
  • Enhances customer trust

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