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Top 6 Smart Water Questions to Consider for AMI Solutions

When implementing AMI, it’s vital to think through the life cycle of your system and select a partner that has the technology, experience and support capabilities to maximize your system performance and ROI. Consider these six key questions when selecting an AMI solution for your water infrastructure.

Does the network support reliable two-way communication?

FlexNet® communication network is a licensed, private spectrum with scalable, upgradable and reliable two-way communication infrastructure.

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Are the meters able to capture more revenue and data?

The iPERL® residential smart water meter is designed to accurately register both low flow and intermittent flow for greater revenue and data capture.

With the FlexNet communication network, utilities can capture, transmit and analyze more data for operational efficiency.

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The OMNI™ line of commercial and industrial water meters register at an extended flow range with unmatched and field-correctable accuracy to capture more revenue.

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The ally® water meter sets a new standard in both capturing more revenue and protecting your investment. This smart water meter features an integrated, three-state ball valve for remote service shut off, turn on and reduced flow. ally also has pressure and temperature sensors and smart alarms available.

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Is your data working as hard as it could be?

Our data analytics solutions combine utility-driven expertise and robust technology to provide your utility insight to make better decisions. Put the power of data at both your utility and your customers’ fingertips.

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What options are available to cost-effectively manage the network?

When considering your utility’s available IT resources and data infrastructure, a managed network solution may be integral to achieving your upfront and long term cost requirements.

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Is the AMI technology provider experienced and trusted by other water utilities?

Sensus has over 14,000 customers worldwide with over 400 million messages delivered over the FlexNet® communication network each day.

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Is the network flexible to support other applications?

Smart Gateway Sensor Interface expands monitoring capabilities to maximize the applications and benefits of your FlexNet® communication network.

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Does your utility also own your city’s lighting? The same network that supports your water applications also supports smart lighting.

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Endless Efficiency Possibilities with the FlexNet Communication Network

Watch a brief overview of the types of efficiencies the FlexNet® communication network, through reliable two-way communication infrastructure, can provide to water utilities.

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