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Identifying Your Non-Revenue Water Journey and Next Steps Webinar

Where is my utility in our non-revenue water journey? How should we approach addressing this issue and getting better control of our revenue potential? We already started a program, but where to go from here to maintain reduced losses? These are all questions you may be asking depending on where you are in your non-revenue water journey.

To help you determine where you are in your journey and the next steps you could take, experts from Sensus, DuPage Water Commission, and Visenti explore the available options to consider for addressing non-revenue water. These approaches include the low hanging fruit to recover revenue by improving account management practices through meter accuracy and meter testing programs. For those further along in their journey, more advanced approaches to proactively reducing real losses and sustaining lower loss levels will also be discussed.

Through expertise and experiences shared during this recorded webinar, you will be enabled to:

  • Prioritize your apparent and real loss reduction objectives
  • Align the right approach to address those objectives and targets
  • Use available technologies to support your non-revenue water strategies


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Moderated by American Water Works Association


  • Travis Smith
    Director of Smart Water Strategy – Sensus, a Xylem brand
  • John Schori
    Instrumentation & Remote Facilities Supervisor – DuPage Water Commission
  • Zac Barker
    Water Resources Engineer – Visenti, a Xylem brand

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