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News Release

Cellnet and Sensus Metering Systems Inc. Announce Alliance for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Sensus Metering Systems Inc (Sensus) and Cellnet by Atos Origin (Cellnet) today announced an alliance to develop and provide fixed network automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions to the utility industry. The alliance will provide utilities with reliable and cost-effective real-time fixed network AMR solutions for all utility types – water, gas and electric.

Under the terms of the agreement the Cellnet technology will be incorporated into the Sensus water MXU (Meter Transceiver Unit) and the iCon solid-state single-phase electric meter. Sensus currently has an arrangement to distribute the Cellnet AMR technology with its gas meter offerings.

The Cellnet compatible MXU will interface to the popular Sensus ICE encoder register available on most of the Sensus residential and commercial and industrial water meters which include the SR, SRII, PMM, Series-W turbo, and SRH compound meters. It was also agreed to add the Cellnet capability to the iCon electricity meter due to the meter’s overwhelming customer acceptance with its patented sensor technology and it’s AMR platform hardware design which allows for easy integration of AMR system boards.

The Cellnet fixed network AMR system is a highly reliable and field proven system that reads nearly 10 million meters daily. The Cellnet fixed network AMR system allows utilities to realize benefits beyond simply generating a monthly bill. Automation of move-in and move-out reads, automation of check reads for billing disputes, daily historical consumption history for aiding call center reps in handling billing disputes, theft reduction, vacant account monitoring, outage management, abnormal usage monitoring and leak detection are all benefits that are enabled with the Cellnet fixed network system.

Mike Zito, President of CellNet said, “We believe that the combination of the Cellnet AMR technology with the Sensus metering technology will provide all utilities, gas, water, and electric, with a valuable and cost effective real-time AMR option. This new offering will allow utilities of all resource types and all sizes to realize the benefits of real-time AMR.”

“The addition of the Cellnet capable MXU into the Sensus AMR product portfolio is another step in our vision to become a complete utility systems solution to our customers,” says Dan Harness, CEO and President of Sensus Metering Systems. “Our water, gas, and electric meter customers, especially those under existing Cellnet networks, have inquired about us providing a Cellnet compatible MXU. With the success and expertise of our own RF AMR technology, and in cooperation with Cellnet, we are excited about being able to provide those customers with the solutions they desire.”

About CellNet by Atos Origin Cellnet by Atos Origin is the meter data solutions division of Atos Origin an international information technology services provider. CellNet by Atos Origin based in Atlanta, GA provides automatic meter reading (AMR) and other automation solutions to the utility industry. The company provides highly reliable and field proven automation solutions. Its systems are utilized to read nearly 10 million electric, gas, and water meters. With its UtiliNet technology, Cellnet by Atos Origin provides both AMR and distribution automation solutions with peer-to-peer wireless mesh technology. Cellnet parent company, Atos Origin, generates annual revenues of $6 billion and employs 50,000 people worldwide. Its business is turning client vision into results through the application of consulting, systems integration and managed operations, including outsourcing and on-line services. For more information, please visit the company?s website at

About Sensus Metering Systems

The Sensus Metering Systems companies are leading world-class providers of water, gas, heat and electric meters including comprehensive metering communications system solutions that comprise both automatic meter reading (“AMR”) and advanced metering infrastructure (“AMI”) systems. Additional linked businesses include Smith-Blair, Inc. a leading provider of pipe clamp & coupling products for the water, gas, and industrial markets; and Sensus Precision Die Casting a producer of complex, high quality die castings.

Issued 6/11/2004

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