FlexNet: A ‘Next Generation’ Network

The Sensus FlexNet® system is a long-range radio network that serves as a dedicated and secure two-way communications highway for utilities. FlexNet is designed to evolve as technology advances. With dedicated channels, faster data speeds, and increased capacity in densely populated markets, FlexNet enables utilities to meet the needs of today as well as the challenges of tomorrow.


Enhanced System Benefits


  • Resiliency
  • Increased Spectrum and Speed
  • More Dedicated Channels
  • Increased Coverage
  • Support for IPv6
  • Increased Security Measures

Learn how utilities can move more data at faster speeds from disparate devices on an IP-enabled network.


increased-spectrum-and-speedSensus and its electric, water and gas utility customers are proving that an important line of defense against severe weather can be found in a resilient, two-way communication network. Using Sensus FlexNet™ technology, utilities can collect and access real-time data from various smart sensors that provide a critical view of a utility’s infrastructure. It’s this access to system status before, during and after a storm that helps utilities restore services faster and avoid additional damage.

Watch the “Superstorm Sandy: Lessons Learned” video to learn how our FlexNet system stands up to Mother Nature.

Increased Spectrum and Speed

dedicated-channelsSensus acquired 525 KHz of additional spectrum, and introduced higher modulation schemes, substantially increasing data rates.The additional spectrum provides more data communication channels and lets utilities transmit nearly ten times the amount of data up to a rate of 1.2 Mbps.

More Dedicated Channels

increased-coverageMultiple applications sharing the same channel can often result in interference and increased latency. With more spectrum and higher transmission rates, Sensus can dedicate more distinct channels to specific applications, greatly reducing interference and latency. Utilities can prioritize applications with time-sensitive data requirements such as distribution automation, remote shut off and demand response.Thus it alleviates pressure on the overall network.

Increased Coverage

In addition to providing ubiquitous coverage in rural areas across the country, the FlexNet communication network is designed to serve even more densely populated areas, expanding its reach to 10,000 to 20,000 meters per base station. Large amounts of data will be simultaneously transmitted at faster rates and with significantly reduced latency.


Support for IPv6

The FlexNet system supports true end-to-end IPv6 across all platforms; electric, water, gas and lighting control. IPv6 compatibility transforms the system from a single-application AMI network to a truly interoperable Smart Grid network enabling industry standard addressing and routing protocol to be used between all endpoints and applications

Increased Security Measures

Sensus is integrating IBM’s asymmetric encryption and enhanced key management technologies into its FlexNet communications system for electric, gas and water utility smart endpoints, including meters and distribution automation devices. The technology integration includes National Security Agency (NSA) Suite B standards compliant cryptographic logic from IBM in all newer generation devices.

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