FlexNet (North America)

Available in these Regions:

Redefining Smart Utility Communications

Building smart cities takes technology and networking solutions that can provide in-depth views and control over the infrastructure. The Sensus FlexNet® communication network is a long-range radio network that provides a scalable and reliable two-way communications infrastructure. Working with smart meters and sensors, the FlexNet system securely transmits and receives customer usage data. You can use that data to proactively manage your electric, water and gas systems.

Unlike other utility networks that operate on costly power line infrastructures or low-powered, shared radio frequencies, FlexNet technology offers primary use radio spectrum, which is protected by law from interference. We bundle the spectrum into our network solution to deliver you better performance, including:

  • No frequency sharing, which means no interference with data transmission – giving you 100% control of your data transmissions. While other networks fight interference and signal noise in shared bands, our network transmits with a clarity and security that is protected by federal law in the U.S.
  • The highest signal power and range in the industry. Our network can transmit at up to two watts – potentially 10 to 1000 times more power than devices on unlicensed point-to-point spectrum. The FlexNet communication network can transmit up to 40 miles from point to point.
  • More reliable communications. Our network’s dedicated highway for data transmission makes communication more reliable than other systems that require channel hopping over radio frequencies.
  • Large geographical footprint. FlexNet operates on 900MHz spectrum owned by Sensus.


Improve operational efficiencies and quickly identify leaks, tampering, equipment problems, outages or other abnormalities using the customer data you collect. This true two-way network also lets you remotely update/upgrade SmartPoint® modules, conduct on-demand readings and disconnect/connect devices. The range of the point-to-multipoint network reduces the number of access points required to capture and transmit data. And by using the FlexNet communication network, you can support multiple applications that increase operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Benefits to you

  • Delivers accurate, reliable and quality service to your customers
  • Ensures reliable performance via primary use licensed radio spectrum
  • Provides large inventory of licensed spectrum so customers have the bandwidth to support future data requirements
  • Easily integrates with current systems
  • Delivers multi-application network and lets you add new services and solutions as needs arise
  • Point-to-multipoint design reduces infrastructure cost and strengthens network performance
  • Transmits 2 watts of power to extend network reach—up to 40 miles point to point
  • Built on open standards and APIs for easy interface with third-party applications and platforms
  • Leverages tower-based architecture for redundancy and less infrastructure to buy, deploy and operate
  • Improves operational efficiency and conserves resources

Benefits to your customer

  • Ensures accurate bills
  • Helps customers understand their usage behavior
  • Delivers consistent quality service