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White Paper Topic: Metrology Products

Increase Revenue with New Commercial Metering Technology

Revenue for water utilities is circling the drain. Most commercial water meters can stand up to the high water flow of commercial water customers, but these same meters often have a hard time measuring low water flows and retaining accurate meter reads over time and continuous flow conditions. Grocery stores, for example, do not pay […] 

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Remote Gas Shutoff – Smart Safety for Customer-Focused Utilities

Gas utilities in the United States have been tasked with safely providing for 25 percent of the country’s energy needs for residential, industrial and commercial customers. The nation’s abundance of natural gas presents a growth opportunity for the industry. The Department of Energy predicts that a staggering 900 of the next 1,000 power plants built […] 

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Composite Water Meters: Setting the Standard

For the past 150 years, Sensus has brought water metrology products to market that have led the industry in technology, efficiency and accuracy. Today is no different as environmental regulations and sustainable technologies are key concerns for water utilities. Sensus is on the leading edge of these concerns and offers products constructed with durable composite […] 

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Comparing Dual-Rotor Turbine and Multi-Path Ultrasonic Gas Meters

The boom in shale gas exploration and the resulting natural gas supply is driving a need for meters that can maintain accuracy in an aging and under-maintained pipeline system. Rotary, diaphragm and orifice meters are still widely used in the field, even though contaminants common in well head production can damage the meter or cause […] 

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