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White Paper

Comparing Dual-Rotor Turbine and Multi-Path Ultrasonic Gas Meters

The boom in shale gas exploration and the resulting natural gas supply is driving a need for meters that can maintain accuracy in an aging and under-maintained pipeline system.

Rotary, diaphragm and orifice meters are still widely used in the field, even though contaminants common in well head production can damage the meter or cause it to lock up and stop the flow of gas. In the quest for a more accurate and less vulnerable technology, operators have been moving toward multipath ultrasonic flow meters, which have no internal moving parts but can be complex to install, monitor and recalibrate.

This paper presents an alternative metering technology, field-proven for over 30 years yet made for today’s realities. A unique form of turbine meter that uses two rotors working in partnership to continuously monitor accuracy and adjust for changes in gas flow conditions or drag caused by component wear and contamination. The paper also compares the dual-rotor turbine meters and multi-path ultrasonic meters on key characteristics, such as installation, accuracy under field conditions, recalibration, pressure loss, and service and maintenance.

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