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News Release

Sensus inks agreement with Fluid Conservation Systems

Partnership creates advanced leak detection along water utility distribution lines

Two leading data collection providers in the water utility industry are partnering to offer an advanced solution that will quickly and accurately detect leaks along a water distribution line.

Sensus and Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) will pair their products – Sensus’ FlexNet® and FCS’ Permalog+ AMR – to provide an acoustic leak detection solution that can be used to enhance customer service, curb revenue loss due to leaks, and promote conservation efforts of any sized water utility.

About Sensus

Sensus is a time-tested technology and communications company providing data collection and metering solutions for water, gas and electric utilities around the world. Sensus is a transforming force for the utilities of tomorrow through its ability to help customers optimize resources, as well as to meet conservation and customer service objectives. Sensus customers rely on the Company for expert, reliable service in order to meet challenges and exceed goals.

About FlexNet®

FlexNet provides the utility industry’s most reliable and flexible AMI fixed network. Utility customers benefit from the dependable, mission-critical performance of a dedicated, primary-use, FCC licensed and protected communications network combined with ANSI compliant metering, IPbased wide area communications, open standards home area networking, advanced smart grid products, and IP-based information systems. Sensus delivers timely and accurate AMI communications through crystal-clear and massively redundant RF data paths with double the RF power of competing systems. This empowers utilities to communicate with a complete range of endpoint devices including smart water, gas and electric meters, intelligent home devices, and distribution automation equipment in any mix of rural and urban terrain. Forward-thinking utilities confidently choose FlexNet to provide a single-technology solution that reduces cost, mitigates technology risk, enables pricing flexibility and demand response, and improves operational efficiency.

About Fluid Conservation Systems

FCS, based in Cincinnati Ohio, is the leading USA leak detection company, having provided equipment to water municipalities for over 30 years.FCS equipment is used to identify the presence of leaks and pin-point the location for water repair crews. Permalog has been available as a drive-by collection system since 2000. The integration of Permalog+ with FlexNet provides the enhanced benefit of identifying leaks as they occur (as opposed to waiting for a patrol interval) which will have a huge impact on water loss reduction in the USA.

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