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News Release

Invensys Metering Systems Announces New Two-Way AMR Solution for iCon Meter

Invensys Metering Systems has released the newest addition to its iCon family of metering products. The product will not only provide electric utility customers with a proven radio AMR solution combined with a high technology solid-state electric meter, but will also enable multi electric and water utilities to read their meters using the same Invensys RadioRead system.

The iCon meter with RadioRead is a single-phase residential meter with an integrated Invensys RadioRead® Meter Transceiver Unit (MXU). This solution offers a true two-way AMR messaging system using true Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology. The DSSS technology provides higher power transmission and more immunity from RF noise than other systems on the market today.

Though recently integrated into the award-winning iCon electric meter, the RadioRead MXU is a tried and tested technology that has been utilized in the AMR marketplace for over ten years. Invensys Metering Systems released the RadioRead AMR System with the MXU for the water market in 1993. Today the system is used in over 1,100 water systems with nearly 1.5 million units in service. As part of Metering Systems full service meter and AMR product offering, the iCon RadioRead meter is compatible with the existing Invensys RadioRead walk-by and drive-by AMR and software systems and also offers a migration path to a fixed network system.

“We are pleased to announce the integration of the RadioRead technology within the iCon meter,” says Arlin Rummel, iCon System Program Director for Invensys Metering Systems. “The RadioRead AMR System has had great success in the water marketplace, and we are confident that it will be well-received by the electric industry where the efficiency of the system?s two-way messaging capabilities can be effectively utilized.”

“We have given careful consideration to customer feedback throughout the development cycle of the iCon family of products,” states Doug McCall, Marketing Director for the iCon Meter. “The compatibility of the iCon with the RadioRead system is something that our customers have been asking for, and we are pleased to have completed the development phase. Customers wanted to be able to read both water and electric meters with the same system, and we listened. We began securing orders back in April of this year, so we anticipate exceptionally strong sales activity for this product since it already has a proven track record of performance.”

“The release of the iCon RadioRead solution represents Invensys Metering Systems’ objective to become a total systems provider,” states Rummel. “The iCon meter’s design platform simplifies integration with any kind of communications technology. The market will continue to see the iCon offered with various AMR technologies, those developed by Invensys as well as third-party vendors, in order to ensure that the requirements of our customers continue to be met.”

About Sensus Metering Systems

The Sensus Metering Systems companies are leading world-class providers of water, gas, heat and electric meters including comprehensive metering communications system solutions that comprise both automatic meter reading (“AMR”) and advanced metering infrastructure (“AMI”) systems. Additional linked businesses include Smith-Blair, Inc. a leading provider of pipe clamp & coupling products for the water, gas, and industrial markets; and Sensus Precision Die Casting a producer of complex, high quality die castings.

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