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News Release

FlexNet with AMDS Connect Promises Increased Productivity

Sensus Metering Systems (Sensus), a leading provider of utility metering and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) systems and Advanced Metering Data Systems (AMDS), a wireless connectivity company, are partnering to provide utilities with a unique new AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) product solution.

FlexNet, a radio frequency (RF) fixed network utility meter reading system designed to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and enhance customer service, is now available to the electricity and combination utilities.

FlexNet offers both two-way and one-way fixed based monitoring for up to 300 square miles of coverage from one network tower. The patented technology upon which the AMDS Connect network architecture is based allows for Internet-based programming of the network and meter endpoints, as needed. In addition, the system is designed to be scalable to accommodate growth as a utility expands the meter deployments throughout its service territory.

The FlexNet system consists of Sensus’ solid-state electricity iCon meters integrated with AMDS Connect transceivers, AMDS fixed network infrastructure, and system software.

Because the FlexNet system is a self-sustained, tower-based AMI network, there is no need for additional fixed network equipment piggy-backed onto the utility distribution system. This solution not only eliminates the need to have electric company staff involved in the network deployment process, but all network and operations maintenance responsibilities are covered under a service agreement with AMDS Services further reducing the need for utility manpower and resources to maintain the fixed network equipment. The system is continuously monitored by professionals at a central AMDS Services monitoring station to ensure optimal 24×7 network performance.

“We believe this partnership with AMDS benefits our utility customers because they are able to leverage a strategy that enables them to operate their utilities more efficiently,” said Dan Harness, CEO and President of Sensus Metering Systems. “We envision the FlexNet with AMDS Connect model to become increasingly popular as electric and combination utilities find themselves looking for dependable meter reading equipment that can help solve bottom line issues such as lowering overhead and increasing productivity,”

The FlexNet system’s two-way features include demand reads, kWh and actual voltage, and programmable read interval, low-voltage and breaker re-closure warnings, power fail alarm, and meter functions that are accessible from the Internet. Additional benefits include remote meter disconnect/reconnect, 15-minute demand resets, real-time clock calibration for top-of-the-hour reads, TOU billing and consumption correlation, energy management programs, text and rate change notification, load shed and restore, and real-time data for management and billing. The FlexNet system also has gas and water modules for combo utility applications.

“Patented AMDS Connect wireless network architecture coupled with the latest generation of Sensus iCon meters has already been demonstrated to be a winning combination in several utility operating environments, including some of the most varied and unforgiving terrains in the country,” added Britton Sanderford, President and CEO of AMDS. “The FlexNet system builds on that foundation to provide the most accurate and reliable meter reading system available in today’s electric utility industry,” Sanderford concluded.

Note: FlexNet is a trademark of M&FC Holding, LLC
Note: AMDS Connect is a trademark of AMDS

About Sensus Metering Systems

The Sensus Metering Systems companies are leading world-class providers of water, gas, heat and electric meters including comprehensive metering communications system solutions that comprise both automatic meter reading (“AMR”) and advanced metering infrastructure (“AMI”) systems. Additional linked businesses include Smith-Blair, Inc. a leading provider of pipe clamp & coupling products for the water, gas, and industrial markets; and Sensus Precision Die Casting a producer of complex, high quality die castings.

Issued 8/19/2005

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