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Billing and Usage

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Billing and Usage Solutions for Every Technology Approach

Improve your back-office workflow and reduce operational costs with our advanced billing and usage solutions. Depend on a system that can help you process routine billing while keeping costly issues like theft, unlawful practices or conservation violations in check.

Our meters provide a high degree of accuracy. When used together with our Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution, you can automate meter reading and billing to cut operating costs dramatically. Combine this solution with Sensus Analytics or Sensus® Logic products and enjoy an end-to-end solution that lets you preview, audit and validate billing issues before you generate final files. You can also share usage and billing information directly with your customers online.

Our solutions

There’s a billing and usage solution available for every technology approach: water, electric, gas and multiservice utilities. Whether you need advanced leak detection to account for every last water drop, remote connections or on-demand electric meter readings, you can have confidence in our solutions. And, when you can rely on accurate readings delivered automatically, it can lead to streamlined operations, increased cost savings and even better customer service.


  • Solutions for every technology approach you deploy
  • Manual or wireless meter reading options
  • AMR/AMI combination systems or multiple-vendor technologies
  • Billing audit and correction capabilities

Benefits to you

  • Offers unprecedented accuracy in meter reading
  • Delivers far greater speed, accuracy, consistency and efficiency in customer billing
  • Lowers cost of operations significantly
  • Reduces unaccounted-for water and energy significantly
  • Detects unlawful actions, such as theft, meter tampering and conservation violations
  • Eliminates staff time spent correcting billing inaccuracies
  • Enables customer service to answer questions with easily accessible detailed information
  • Enables and bolsters regulatory compliance

Benefits to your customers

  • Delivers consistent, accurate information daily
  • Makes time-of-use rate pricing possible
  • Eliminates bills based on estimated usage

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