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White Paper

Mitigating the Impact of Unintentional Islanding on Electric Utility Transmission Systems from Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed energy resources (DERs) introduce an element of variability and unpredictability that adds complexity to distribution planning efforts. Unintentional islanding of interconnected systems can lead to sustained overvoltage conditions and bidirectional power flow. This poses a serious threat to both employee safety and grid reliability.

Traditional protection schemes such as Direct Transfer Trips (DTT) offer some relief but have limitations. New DERs are often installed in more remote, decentralized areas of the grid where visibility beyond the substation is strained. Costs to extend hard lines into these far-reaching areas quickly becomes expensive for both utilities and their customers.

In this paper, you will see how:

  • An alternative DTT scheme can mitigate the impact of DERs on Transmission and Distribution systems
  • A point-to-multipoint communications architecture works with behind-the-meter DERs
  • Several utilities are addressing DTT problems through real-world examples

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