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Smart Water

Smarter at every point

Smart water systems help you achieve true R.O.I.

To achieve true R.O.I.—Return on Intelligence—you must have the right data at right time so that you can make the right decisions and continue to optimize your smart water system as needed.

Smart water is more than measuring the flow from storage to consumption. It’s more than remote meter reads. It’s time to consider smart water as spanning every part of the water cycle—from sourcing to treatment to delivery to consumption to reclamation. At the foundation of a smart water cycle is reliable and robust data delivered through a smart utility network.

Our smart water system combines smart water meters, advanced sensors, software analytics and services with the FlexNet® communication network, the leading smart utility network, that enables you to go beyond AMI and maximize your return on intelligence through improved cost reductions, asset utilization, risk mitigation, revenue capture or customer service.

Measure and monitor smarter

Our advanced metrology including residential smart water meters and our industry-leading commercial and industrial water meters are trusted to capture more revenue, detect customer leaks and deliver more accurate billing. With our continuous innovation in advanced measurement and monitoring technologies, we enable you to measure pressure, temperature, level, flow, status and more across the water cycle networks.

Communicate better

FlexNet is a smart utility network that lets you collect, manage and analyze the right data at the right time through a reliable, dedicated two-way network. With a smart utility network, you can actively monitor and dynamically optimize your smart water system to better serve your community.

Analyze easier

Sensus analytics applications are configurable, intuitive and insightful. We help you resolve problems faster to improve efficiency and customer service.

Improve revenue and efficiency


Non-revenue water comes from many sources. No matter where you stand along the journey of addressing non-revenue water, Sensus provides solutions ranging from addressing apparent losses with meter accuracy assurance to reducing real losses with tactics such as pressure management. We can partner with you to help you reduce cost and improve revenue.

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