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Non-Revenue Water

Lost Water is Lost Money.
Reduce your Apparent and Real Losses.

We know you’re focused on reducing non-revenue water (NRW) and closing the gap between the volume of water you supply and the water you bill your customers each month. Non-revenue water can quickly add up. In fact, in North America, NRW can amount to between 20 percent and 30 percent.

The sources of non-revenue water include:

  • Main leaks and storage tank overflows
  • Unauthorized use (theft and tampering)
  • Unbilled consumption and meter inaccuracy
  • Unmetered consumption
  • Leak adjustments and bad debt

We all agree it’s no longer acceptable to miss out on meeting your revenue potential due to non-revenue water. NRW not only impacts your revenue stream, but it can also have a serious impact on your operational expenses. We work with thousands of utilities just like you to identify the source of your non-revenue water and provide a solution to reduce it.


Check out this infographic that provides an introduction to the significant impact of non-revenue water.

Partnering with Sensus helps a Florida utility recapture unaccounted for water and revenue across its water system. Learn how.

Our solution

The first step in addressing non-revenue water is ensuring accurate meter readings. From unmetered water and inaccurate billing to delayed customer leak detection resulting in higher leak forgiveness costs to unauthorized use, apparent loss can cause revenue instability. Within your distribution system, water leaks, bursts and overflows also create costly problems. To help you address these issues we offer a range of metering, measurement, communications and analytics solutions to support you on your non-revenue water journey from revenue assurance to real loss reduction.

  • iPERL® water meters: Capture previously unmeasured low flow water, with unprecedented accuracy. This smart water meter comes equipped with smart alarms such as tamper alerts to detect attempted theft and can help you improve your revenue stream from your residential accounts.

iPERL meters integrate seamlessly with the FlexNet® and offer a wide range of remote system management options through the Sensus FlexNet two-way communication network.

  • FlexNet® communication network: Our long-range radio network provides a scalable and reliable smart utility network infrastructure that enables smart water and smart cities. Working with smart meters and sensors, FlexNet securely transmits and receives the right data at the right time to let you actively monitor and dynamically optimize your water system.

Benefits to you

  • Helps you remotely identify sources of non-revenue water
  • Provides revenue assurance with accurate billing and enabling proactive customer service
  • Alerts your utility via alarms to potential acts of unauthorized use
  • Identifies areas to reduce flow rate for water leaks and bursts with pressure management
  • Enables and bolsters regulatory compliance and water loss programs

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