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FlexNet (International)

A Dedicated and Secure Two-Way Communications Network

The Sensus FlexNet™ communication system is an industry-respected and time-tested communications platform delivering high-speed, reliable, scalable and secure data via long-range radio. This award winning smart metering infrastructure supports Mission Critical IoT, tailoring its offering to a utility’s individual business case.

The FlexNet system works with excellent coverage and latency, enabling smart meters and sensors to securely and confidently transmit and receive near real-time customer usage data. This improves your business intelligence, whilst also giving you an edge in the competitive marketplace. The data allows you to proactively manage your electric, water, gas, lighting and smart grid systems.

Unlike other utility networks that operate on low-powered Mesh, NB-IoT and other shared radio frequencies, FlexNet technology offers dedicated radio spectrum that is protected by law from interference. Other wireless networks have hidden costs, need to deploy more than 10 times the amount of infrastructure and offer half the redundancy that FlexNet does.

Running your network on dedicated spectrum guarantees a better performance, as well as including the following benefits:

  • No frequency sharing means no interference with data transmission – giving you 100% control of your data transmissions. While other networks are subjected to interference and high signal noise in shared bands, our network transmits with a clarity and security that is protected by government regulations.
  • Dedicated radio channels guarantee transmission of critical data like alarms or distribution automation (DA): police and other national emergency departments all operate with licensed frequency as it guarantees the necessary transmission of their data. Utilities manage a vast amount of data and they should be able to dedicate channels for the transmission of critical data.
  • The highest transmission power and range in the industry: we pride ourselves on our 50W base stations, as well as having two way end-points that can transmit at up to two watts – potentially 10 to 1000 times more power than devices on unlicensed point-to-point spectrum.
  • FlexNet networks are designed for high service level agreements: typically greater than 99% connectivity even to end-points located in difficult locations. FlexNet networks regularly achieve 99%+ performance at ranges up to 5km in urban areas and 20km in rural areas.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and quickly identify leaks: tampering, equipment problems, outages or other abnormalities using the customer data you collect. Using the FlexNet communication network, you can also support multiple applications, which increases both operational efficiency and customer engagement.
  • Reducing costs with remote upgrades: or updates – the two-way network also lets you remotely update and upgrade SmartPoint® modules, conduct on-demand readings and disconnect / connect devices. The range of the point-to-multipoint network reduces the number of access points required to capture and transmit data.
  • A tailored service, putting the utility first: licensed spectrum systems can support multiple applications as well as allowing utility’s to prioritise data transmission based on the business requirements, ensuring a tailored service offering.
  • High in-building and basement penetration: is very important when considering rolling out successful radio frequency (RF) systems in densely populated cities. The penetration for licensed bandwidth is very strong due to the higher transmission power it is able to use.
  • Up-front, fixed costs: with licensed frequencies, there is no hidden cost and no traffic-volume based charging. The spectrum cost is always considered under the operating expenses (OPEX). Every single aspect of the deployment of the smart network is accounted for, and especially when using one of Sensus’ solutions, utilities benefit from decades of market leading experience in the industry, with all variables covered.
  • More reliable communications: our network’s dedicated highway for data transmission enables reliable communication that is guaranteed to have high coverage. Our innovative and industry-acknowledged leading technology surpasses that of the competition which requires radio channel hopping over various frequencies. FlexNet controls the radio spectrum it operates in, knows when and how frequencies are being used and acts to maximise performance and to allocate resources efficiently.
  • Geographical footprint: FlexNet operates equally well across all terrain types be that rural or urban, sparsely populated or densely populated, flat or mountainous, residential property or commercial property. End-points can be located deep inside buildings, in underground pits or within high rise accommodation. There is no need for costly repeaters

Benefits to you

  • Improves operational efficiency and conserves resources
  • Extremely high “connection first time” installation success rates for meters
  • Ensures reliable performance through use of dedicated license radio spectrum
  • Easily integrates with current systems
  • Point-to-multipoint design reduces infrastructure cost and strengthens network performance
  • Delivers accurate, reliable and quality service to your customers
  • Future proofs your investment through support of future data requirements
  • Delivers multi-application network and lets you add new services and solutions as needs arise
  • Built on open standards and APIs for easy interface with third-party applications and platforms
  • Leverages tower-based architecture for redundancy and less infrastructure to buy, deploy and operate

Benefits to your customer

  • Ensures accurate bills which increases operational efficiency
  • Helps customers understand their usage behaviour, enabling increased sustainability
  • Delivers consistent quality service, which enhances brand legacy and customer service and satisfaction
  • Enables remote management and control of applications in near-real time, increasing network efficiency
  • Data collected ensures accuracy and reliability, improving your business intelligence

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