Aging Infrastructure and Asset Management

The age of your infrastructure doesn’t dictate the health of your critical infrastructure. New advancements in digital technology from Xylem gives you more visibility into the true condition of your pipelines and valves.

This holistic view through years of data and engineering expertise offers a prioritized approach to replacement, repair and/or rehabilitation.

System Control

Up to 40% of valves are inoperable, unlocatable, or in the wrong position. Gain better network control by evaluating, rehabilitating, and repairing critical valves.

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Actionable pipeline condition data helps maximize the life of buried assets and can be used to prevent critical pipeline failures that threaten the environment and access to essential services.

Pipe Repair Solutions

With standard and custom options for clamps, couplings, adapters and saddles your aging infrastructure can be quickly and easily repaired extending the life of your water network.

Identify & Manage High-Risk Assets

Asset risk analytics and planning support services enable utilities to identify high-risk pipe segments, predict future asset risk levels, and develop more efficient and cost-effective asset management strategies.