Your path to smart water just got simpler

Partner with Xylem in every part of your water utility

Xylem understands that operating a water utility can be complicated, but your digital solutions don’t need to be. Wherever you are on your digital journey, let us be your partner in addressing your biggest water challenges.

Operational Visibility and Control

Utility operators and managers are often flooded with hundreds of separate data streams coming in from multiple sources, making it difficult to get an accurate reflection of the interconnected nature of their network. Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua helps unify and standardize utility data, regardless of source, empowering them to make holistic improvements, react to challenges quickly, test potential scenarios, and predict problems.

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Aging Infrastructure and Asset Management

Utilities around the world are dealing with the challenges of aging water and sewer infrastructure. In many cases, the value of buried pipelines represents two-thirds of a utility’s total assets. With accurate, actionable data, utilities can identify at-risk pipes and valves, perform targeted repairs, and maximize the life of their most valuable assets.

Learn how Xylem can assess the condition of aging infrastructure to inform and strengthen your asset management approach.

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Climate change, increased population, natural disasters and even the pandemic shifted demands for water and put a strain on our finite water resources. In order to serve communities and avoid disruptions in water quality and delivery, utilities need to have systems in place to predict and plan for water emergencies and adapt to the ever-changing demands of daily operations.

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Regulatory Compliance

As issues of scarcity, resiliency and security drive new regulations, utilities will need to increasingly rely on digital solutions to meet the new standards. Xylem provides solutions that promote responsible and efficient water use and serve as a proactive partner in helping water utilities navigate often complex regulatory compliance.

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