Non-Revenue Water

The first step in addressing non-revenue water is ensuring accurate meter readings. From unmetered water and inaccurate billing to unauthorized use, apparent loss can cause revenue instability. Within your distribution system, water leaks, bursts and overflows also create costly problems as well.

For those reasons, reducing non-revenue water (NRW) and closing the gap between the volume of supplied water and the water usage billed is top of mind to increase and maintain efficiency and improve sustainability.

Utilities can deploy multiple solutions using the smart utility network to address their current and future needs, including:

Real Losses

Acoustic Monitoring

Detect flow by listening to the distribution system and analyzing the data to determine if a leak condition exists so you can quickly investigate and make repairs before major problems occur.

District Metering

Using new technology you can quickly and easily build District metering areas to more effectively monitor the water supplied and consumed allowing you to manage non- revenue water (real loss) leak detection.

Remote Connect/Disconnect Meter

An integrated three state valve allows you to remotely manage your water system to ensure quick response for leaks and in emergency response situations. Managing water loss has never been easier or safer.

Apparent Losses

Hidden Revenue Locator

Apparent water loss can account for up to 2% of a utility’s operating revenue. Reduce apparent loss and increase revenue by identifying individual meter inaccuracies and help prioritize meter replacement.

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Against a backdrop of rising needs and insufficient resources, Xylem offers powerful new tools to help utility leaders achieve superior performance as they serve their communities. These digital solutions can help improve cash flow and service affordability, ensure compliance and operating performance, and build system resilience.

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