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Today we have the opportunity to help accelerate progress – by working side by side to innovate and improve how the world conserves, optimizes and manages water to better protect our ecosystem and make water available to more people and communities around the world.


Water Affordability

Delivering water is not always an efficient process and a lot of water can be lost along the way. We help prevent lost water due to leaking infrastructure, pipeline failures, faulty meters and unauthorized use. We provide innovative solutions that save water, energy and cost.

Aging InfrastructureNon-Revenue Water – Apparent Losses

Water Sustainability

Millions of people around the world lack access to water. We transport, treat, test and track water to help make it safe and readily available to communities. We enable water reuse to create sustainable water sources for areas facing water scarcity. We assess, monitor and fix clean water lost in distribution.

Water QualityNon-Revenue Water – Real Losses

Water Resilience

Water systems worldwide are experiencing increasing water-related emergencies, including natural disasters. We provide water technology and smart infrastructure solutions that help communities prepare for, mitigate the impact of and recover from severe weather events, protecting local economies and ecosystems from flooding and sewer overflow pollution – and protecting lives.

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