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Fully Automated Test Benches


Our fully automated and semi-automated testing benches test the maximum pressure and temperature of bulk water meters (DN 25 to DN 200 and DN 15-50).

The testing process is facilitated by software that communicates with a special processor unit by serial RS 232 or a LAN connection. The processor (located in the electrical box) reads data from the sensors and controls valves, pumps, diverters, pulse form master meters and tested meters.

The testing benches can be used for:

  • Mechanical water meters
  • Electromagnetic flow meters
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Coriolis mass flow meters
  • Other flow meters

Our test benches have a flow rate up to 630 m3/h. Bench components that come in contact with water are made of stainless steel, brass or resistant plastics.

The testing benches are equipped with turning end pieces to position meters upside down. This promotes deaeration of the testing line. To ensure effective testing, we recommend evacuating the system beforehand.

Test benches are modular. Their assemblies can comprise:

  • Test bench with testing table, adjusting part and weighing assembly (connection to external water source required)
  • Test bench with supplementary pump assembly and flow conditioner
  • Complete test bench including main storage tank (only room and electrical power is required)
  • Systems for reading tested meters

Benefits to you

  • Tests the maximum pressure and temperature of bulk water meters (DN 25 to DN 200 and DN 15-50)
  • Facilitates testing process with PC software
  • Promotes deaeration of the testing line
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  • Systems for reading tested meters
    • Pulse inputs
    • Frequency inputs
    • Manual reading
    • Optical sensors for mechanical register
    • Process cameras for determination of register turns
    • Cameras for storing pictures from registers,
    • Analogue
  • Testing method
    • Weighing method of operation
    • Master meter method of operation
    • Flying start and stop
    • Standing start and stop
  • Digital cameras installed on the frame holder above the testing line (optional)
  • High-quality, stainless steel parts (AISI 304, 316, 316I)

Test Bench Standards:

  • Suitable for meters complying with the European directives
  • 75/33/EC and 79/830EEC and with standard ISO 4064.
  • Meet the requirements of ISO 4064, EN 14154 and OIML R 49 for initial verification tests, and OIML R 75 and EN 1434 for flow sensor initial verification tests.
  • Are designed to achieve maximum accuracy and constructed to comply with the international standard ISO 4185.
  • Are designed to achieve a combined measurement uncertainty of less than 0.2% (2 standard deviations) at typical volumes.
  • The base measurement capability of the measuring assembly is better than 0.06%.
  • Sensus’ Quality Assurance System is approved according to ISO 9001.
  • Components of the measurement system—such as scales, flow meters, thermometers, pressure gauges—having influence on measured value were calibrated and are traceable to national standards using units of measurement in conformity with the International System of Units (SI).
  • Scales have a resolution in conformity with EEC Directives 90/384 and 89/336.
  • Are used in test laboratories accredited according to ISO 17025.
  • All calculation in the testing program for determining conventional true value, error calculation and corrections for density, buoyancy expansion, compressibility, temperature difference correction for balance flow meter and other calculations are programmed according to international standards.
  • All stainless steel parts are of high quality ÀISI 304 (AISI 316L).

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

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