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Take Control with the Cordonel® Static Flow Meter


The built-in communication technology eliminates the need to maintain and replace the separate meter and radio devices on staggered schedules. Cordonel easily integrates with a range of communication options—including the Sensus FlexNet™ long-range radio solution for secure data transfer using 128-bit AES encryption.

Receive accurate, reliable readings over Cordonel’s 20-year battery life—enabled by new technology that ensures all the water that enters passes through one of its three individual measuring paths.

The meter accommodates virtually all commercial, industrial and agricultural needs, including horizontal and vertical pipe orientations with no straight upstream and downstream pipe requiredeven behind a 90-degree bend.

The ratio of R 1000 means you can register virtually every drop to reduce non-revenue water and improve network management.

An integral part of a Smart Water network

Imagine a high-performance bulk meter that enables you to manage your distribution networks much more efficiently, providing accurate and reliable data whatever the installation and environmental conditions.

Introducing Cordonel, our newest static flow meter designed to help water utilities, industries and agriculturalists better manage water distribution networks.

This commercial and industrial meter has no moving parts or obstruction to the flow and is maintenance free over its operational lifetime.

The Cordonel meter gathers precise low and high flow data in real-time. The combination of advanced ultrasonic technology and integrated communications makes it a great meter for both Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with support for a variety of radio communications technologies.

With the sturdy and reliable Cordonel meter, you can accurately capture and measure water consumption, flow, temperature and pressure.

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