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Intelligent Metering at the Grid Edge

Many minds, one purpose. Click on the highlighted areas to learn how you can get more with Stratus IQ. DYNAMO S t r a tus IQ has commercial and industrial power in a r esidential meter, with the ability to carry out tasks other meters can only d r e am about. VISIONARY This meter is solution-oriented. It sees the futu r e and is r e ady to scale . Currently using only a small percentage of its capacity, Stratus IQ has the ability to handle whatever comes next. CONTROL FREAK With mo r e d a ta captu r ed than any other meter, S t r a tus IQ is fan a tical about collecting—and protecting—information. And, with 4 data sets and 32 channels, it manages a huge to-do list. SERGEANT S t r ong , r esilient and tough as nails, S t r a tus IQ ensu r es the job gets done. F ailu r e is simply unacceptable. X VOLTAGE MONITORING With the capability to customize alarms and precisely measure voltage, utilities can more closely monitor grid performance. This r esidential meter gives you all the power of a commercial and industrial meter without the high price tag. That is some powerful value. X VALUE-ABLE X QUALITY ASSURANCE Stratus IQ reads the quality of the electricity flowing through the meter—a mission-critical capability. X LOOKS BOTH WAYS S t r a tus IQ p r ovides 2-way counting. When customers have solar panels, for e xample, and are infusing power onto the grid, IQ can count in both directions. With AES-256 asymmetric encryption, S t r a tus IQ makes security a priority. T his banking-level secure communication r equi r es the correct key from both the meter and the utility. In other words, only you can talk with your meters. XDEFENDER HIGHLY INFORMATIVE LCD X Easy-to-read interface Displays value and identifier at the same time Multiple indicators ( r a te , energy, direction and more) 00 9827 0 15 D 240 X GEEK-OUT FACTOIDS R emote disconnect switch has been tested at full load for >15,000 cycles 24 MB flash memory Over 24 hours of time keeping, outage alarms and last-gasp capabilities provided by super capacitors IT’S IN THE DETAILS X Choose your r e ad r a te—f r om 5 to 60 minutes—with e asy adjustment. X NOT A QUITTER When sur ges or other power ir r egularities happen , most meters simply quit. But S t r a tus IQ rides out the unusual and keeps on reading. X UNYIELDING S t r a tus IQ is obsessively engineered and z e alously tested to be virtually indestructible.

Take your grid to next-level smart. Discover Stratus IQ.

Electric meters measure usage. That’s their job. But that’s so…one dimensional. Stratus IQ™, the next-gen electric residential meter from Sensus, takes measurement to a whole new level by monitoring and providing feedback with enhanced data. This meter provides two-way counting and options for high or low granularity of reads. Plus, with high-precision voltage monitoring and outage alarms, Stratus IQ has the intelligence to deliver smart better.

Not only does this next-gen meter give utilities commercial and industrial power in a residential meter, it’s also obsessively designed and tested to be indestructible. With more data captured than any other meter, the Stratus IQ is fanatical about collecting—and protecting—information. And, enabled by four data sets and 32 channels, it can manage a huge to-do list.

Oh, yeah, and you’ll be able to create a bill.

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