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Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

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Are You Ready?

You can’t control a disaster, but you can be better prepared to respond quickly and effectively when one strikes. When severe weather affects your area, you can lose the majority or even all of your communications and distribution networks. Many of the services we rely upon daily are disrupted at the very time they are most needed. Power outages of a week or more are not uncommon during these events. Losing your water, gas and electricity services can be catastrophic, especially for emergency responders/services.

Our solution

Smart sensors and a utility-grade communication network make our smart water and energy networks more resilient than other systems. Our FlexNet® communication network is designed with built-in, macro-diverse redundancy. Two-way communication lets you monitor and control the elements of your systems. And because our FlexNet communication network requires less infrastructure than other systems, there are fewer points of possible failure.

You can also easily integrate our communications network into your existing infrastructure and outage management system. You can connect operational processes so you can pinpoint exactly where service interruptions are occurring, take immediate action and dispatch repair crews right to the source, instead of sending them on a search.

Using Sensus FlexNet technology, utilities can collect and access real-time data from various smart sensors that provide a critical view of a utility’s infrastructure. It’s this access to system status before, during and after a storm that helps utilities restore services faster and avoid additional damage.

In October of 2012, two Sensus customers—the Township of Stafford and Seaside Heights, New Jersey—were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. Utility officials discuss the storm’s impact, the steps they took to prepare and repair, and how technology improved the situation in the video, “Superstorm Sandy: Lessons Learned.”

The data you need comes from smart meters and a variety of other sensing components, which allow you to collect information from individual commercial, industrial, residential and distribution locations. We provide a wide array of products to help you monitor and control your systems. With water and gas systems, you can locate individual leaks and stop service from remote locations until repairs are made. Electric utilities can shed loads in selected locations to ensure limited power is available for emergency service needs.

We also offer services that help you prepare for and recover from disaster, without investing in additional capital expenditures. With our Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we provide the hardware and software required to operate your Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) head-end system in a private cloud-based solution. Similarly, our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) model helps you prepare, by implementing or expanding your business continuity strategy. Using our world-class data centers, we can link, replicate and store all the data and information systems that your utility needs to operate its business. If problems ever occur, we can quickly restore your critical information systems.

With Sensus solutions in place, we can ensure you are prepared if disaster ever strikes your systems.

Benefits to you

  • Reduces overall risk through disaster planning
  • Increases system availability
  • Decreases downtime and ensures business continuity

Benefits to your customers

  • Reduces outage duration
  • Increases awareness of restoration progress and time estimates
  • Increases customer safety

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