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Manage Water and Energy Flow More Effectively

Drought. Ever-rising energy demand. Regulations and social pressures to use our resources wisely. You see it nearly every day in the news—more and more reasons to  better manage water and energy flow. So how can you help customers make intelligent decisions about water and energy consumption?


Our solution

Our smart water and smart energy networks help you reach beyond basic consumption measurement through advanced metrology and sensors, utility-grade communications and intuitive analytics. We empower you to identify usage patterns to help you—and your customers—understand how they use water and energy.

Capture more data at more points in your network

With unprecedented measuring and monitoring capabilities, our water, gas and electric meters and sensors can provide more accurate usage information than ever before at more points in your network than ever before. Our commitment to research and development, backed by more than a century of industry experience, has resulted in improved design, new material selection and improved performance.

Communicate with confidence

You need reliable, timely data about how your customers’ consume their water, electric and gas services. It’s increasingly important that you have the ability to process that data faster and in time for the insights to matter. That’s why we developed the FlexNet® communication network. Our high-performance, utility-grade network delivers reliable, scalable, secure data to help you operate more efficiently. You can now proactively monitor and manage all of your services to see if/where there’s a water leak or electrical or other outage.

Make data-driven decisions

With more accurate information delivered more often, Sensus Data Analytics software can help you deliver more value. It’s a smart way to understand consumer usage patterns, monitor your operations, strategically predict future needs and track your business performance. And we offer many options—from onsite integrated solutions to fast, flexible cloud-based products. Data Analytics efficiently stores and validates information you collect from smart meters, SCADA systems, customer billing software and news services. Most importantly, Sensus Analytics draws the facts and key metrics you need to make effective decisions that increase reliability and improve service. That’s real business value.

Manage peak demand

For system-wide management, our Demand Response (DR) solution provides a resourceful way to partner with consumers and reduce peak demand instantly. Automated load shedding solutions, such as load control modules, help you respond quickly and curtail usage during peak demand periods. Consumers can also shift use to non-peak hours themselves, using in-home devices such as smart thermostats. By monitoring their energy usage through home area network (HAN) devices and online portals, you can both work toward building a greener future.

Conserve water

Our smart meters and sensors enable water conservation and better management of the public services you deliver. Our smart devices:

  • Measure and collect the amount of water being used
    • Low-flow accuracy and high-flow durability
    • Measure as low as .11 gpm for 20 years
  • Detect system leaks and diagnose problem areas
    • Activate real-time alarms for issues such as leaks, tampering, backflow, etc.
  • Pinpoint trouble spots and let you take action remotely

Features and capabilities

  • Early alerts for excessive usage or trouble conditions
  • Gives your customers access to information on daily usage patterns and costs

Benefits to you

  • Enables better management of water and energy flow to customers
  • Reduces energy consumption with demand response practices
  • Makes new consumption and energy-efficiency initiatives possible
  • Enables customer collaboration in consumption management
  • Responds to regulatory, conservation, environmental and public pressures
  • Minimizes unnecessary usage

Benefits to your customers

  • Reduces water and energy consumption
  • Enhances decision-making about home energy use
  • Enables automated reduction of energy use in peak periods
  • Offers energy cost savings

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