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Smart Water Network

Intelligent water management for your utility

Water utilities are under pressure from growing demand, water stress, increasing energy prices and aging water systems. Our smart water network solution combines the power of Sensus’ advanced metering technology, software, and proven service with the FlexNet® communications system. Now water utilities can account for every drop and turn water into revenue through our enhanced leak detection and unparalleled data acquisition.

The Sensus smart water network solution is scalable to fit the needs of large and small utilities alike, realizing day-one savings, short-term payback and technology that will grow with you into the future.




Learn how Sensus technology helps utilities build resilient networks.

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Save Water. Save Costs.

  • Strategic Prioritization and allocation of capital expenditures: $5.2B
  • Improved leakage and pressure management: $4.6B
  • Streamlined network operations and maintenance: $2.1B
  • Streamlined water quality monitoring: $600M

Annual Savings: $12.5B

Smart water networks provide the right opportunity to save money and water right now.

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What is a Smart Water Network?

A smart water network is an integrated set of products, solutions and systems that enable utilities to remotely and continuously monitor and diagnose problems, prioritize and manage maintenance issues and use data to optimize all aspects of the water distribution network.


At Sensus, water is our passion. Our smart water network solution has been embraced by over 300 water utilities in the U.S and Canada with over two million SmartPoints™ installed and in operation.


This includes two-way real time networks with field sensors, measurement and control devices; along with software and services. Two-way real-time networks are nothing new. But challenges with power and location have prevented implementation of new technologies. Pipes are buried under streets and sidewalks and are difficult and expensive to access. And there is no inherent power supply in pipes as there is with electric utilities.

While many utilities have identified the need for smarter infrastructure and technological investments, few have embraced an end-to-end smart water network. Smart water networks offer all types of utilities a tremendous opportunity to improve productivity and efficiency while enhancing customer service. Smart water networks also have incredible potential to help alleviate impending water scarcity.






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