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Sustainability and Resiliency

Sustainability and Resiliency

Climate change, increased population, natural disasters and higher demands for water put a strain on our finite water resources. In order to serve their communities and avoid disruptions in water quality and delivery, utilities need to have systems in place to predict and plan for water emergencies and adapt to the ever-changing demands of daily operations.

Learn how the City of Lakeland improves flood prevention capabilities with IoT technology from Sensus.

Using an exclusive two-way communication network offers insights in tracking usage, source water planning and asset utilization – allowing utilities to have the flexibility and resiliency needed in an emergency management situation. The data gathered can be applied to:

  • Hydraulic modeling calibration
  • Scenario modeling
  • Capacity planning
  • Source water monitoring and utilization
  • Asset utilization and repair and replacement planning
  • Remote monitoring and cloud based access

In emergency situations utilities need timely data to make critical and prompt decisions for their community. The two-way communication network delivers data over a private, secure radio frequency and prepares utilities for emergencies before they occur. The network allows for remote monitoring anywhere utility personnel are located and strategic insights to organize and increase efficiencies in emergency management and disaster relief efforts.

The data captured is also available in a cloud-based customer portal, which allows the customer to monitor their system at any time, correct current issues and make informed decisions about future usage. This interactive application creates easy-to-read charts, graphs, alerts, tips and offers tools for irrigation management ensuring a true partnership on sustainability efforts between utilities and the community they serve.

With a few adjustments, a utility can reduce its water loss and decrease its carbon footprint making them more sustainable.

Sensus and its electric, water and gas utility customers are proving that an important line of defense against severe weather can be found in a resilient, two-way communication network. Using Sensus FlexNet® technology utilities can collect and access real-time data from various smart sensors that provide a critical view of a utility’s infrastructure. It’s this access to system status before, during and after a storm that helps utilities restore services faster and avoid additional damage.

In October of 2012, two Sensus customers—the Township of Stafford and Seaside Heights, New Jersey—were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy. Utility officials discuss the storm’s impact, the steps they took to prepare and repair and how technology improved the situation in the video below, “Superstorm Sandy: Lessons Learned.”

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