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Non-Revenue Water

Non-Revenue Water

Utilities are impacted financially when water is produced and lost before it reaches the customer. Water audits are now required to show reduction in water loss for conservation efforts.  For those reasons, reducing non-revenue water (NRW) and closing the gap between the volume of supplied water and the water usage billed is top of mind to increase and maintain efficiency and improve sustainability.

Partnering with Sensus helps a Florida utility recapture unaccounted for water and revenue across its water system.

Utilities can deploy multiple solutions using the smart utility network to address their current and future needs, including:

The first step in addressing NRW is ensuring accurate meter readings. Whether it’s unmetered water, inaccurate billing, unauthorized use or delayed customer leak detection resulting in higher leak forgiveness costs, apparent loss causes revenue instability. Within the distribution system, water leaks, bursts and overflows create costly problems. To help utilities address these issues, we offer a range of metering, measurement, communications and analytics solutions to support you on your non-revenue water journey to real loss reduction and revenue assurance.

Spotlight:Revenue Locator

The Revenue Locator software application from Sensus Analytics analyzes historical meter-reading and billing data to identify trends in usage and performance to predict which of your utility’s meters are losing revenue. This intelligent meter management uncovers losses from sources such as decay, mechanical wear, water quality and incorrect meter sizing. Then, data-driven recommendations enable your utility to prioritize meter maintenance and replacement to reduce apparent water loss and economically justify every truck roll.

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