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Consumption and Billing

Consumption and Billing

The focus of most Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems is to allow utilities to better understand water consumption and bill for the usage. More granular and centralized data have allowed utilities to better understand water consumption by reading meters over a network. Increased frequency of reads means customers can be accurately billed based on data, not estimates — and utilities can maximize consumption revenue.

At the heart of our smart utility network is FlexNet®, our robust, reliable, utility-grade communication network. Unlike other utility networks that operate on shared radio frequencies, our upgradeable smart communication network technology offers a dedicated radio spectrum that is protected by law from interference. With FlexNet, your AMI system can be upgraded to a smart utility network capable of providing:

  • On demand reads
  • Remote shut off, service restriction, service restoration
  • Over the air adjustable smart alarms
    • customer leak
    • high use
    • low or high pressure
    • low or high water temperature
    • meter tampering
    • empty pipe
    • reverse flow
  • Over the air upgrades and data interval control

FlexNet lets you scale smart water efficiently to optimize your utility’s water cycle and better serve your community.

Still using AMR? It’s time to migrate.

Transition to AMI, and you’ll immediately benefit from smarter billing and consumption. But becoming a digital utility is also about future-proofing your infrastructure and water system.

  • Optimize water transit
  • Manage assets
  • Profile pressure
  • Gain insights from analytics
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve water quality

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