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Asset Management

Asset Management

Utilities have millions of dollars of assets to manage. The hydraulic cycle provides a constant movement of water, which can degrade pipes over time and result in bursts, breaks and leaks. Deciding when and where to expand, repair or replace is a challenging task and making an uninformed decision can be costly.

FlexNet® allows utilities to collect and monitor data for a near real-time understanding of the health of their network. A continuous flow of data gives utilities comprehensive insights into network pressure and identifying transients that lead to pressure-induced stress and often catastrophic damage.

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Smart utility network helps Walla Walla reduce leaks and improve customer service

The data can also be used to improve the following functions:

  • Hydraulic modeling calibration
  • Scenario modeling
  • Capacity planning
  • Source water monitoring and utilization
  • Asset utilization and repair and replacement planning

This data will often point to areas for condition assessment and can be a significant cost advantage. Additionally, the monitoring and reduction of pressure can also relieve stress on a system, allowing for better asset management and optimization, as well as system risk mitigation.

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