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Viewpoint: Grid Modernization – Grid Edge

A balancing act: communication architecture and the grid edge

New technology dynamics, such as distributed energy resources and battery storage, are changing the grid. Every aspect of the grid is being viewed with a fresh interdependence with the understanding that monitoring and controlling the edge is imperative.

At its core, the grid edge is an architectural discussion: how grid solutions are enabled and with what effectiveness those solutions are implemented. In the peer-to-peer, or decentralized, approach to grid edge, devices talk to each other. A centralized approach has the devices talking to each other and to the “brains” of the network, where the analysis is done and commands are given.

In this Viewpoint you will learn:

  • Why edge communications is crucial for grid modernization planning;
  • The key differences between centralized and decentralized architecture; and
  • In-depth exploration of communication use cases including: distribution automation, analytics, phase detection and outage restoration.


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